25. February 2024

Our Kaizen journey continues

25. February 2024
The logistics team is delighted with the completed Kaizen optimisations and celebrated this success with an aperitif.

At the beginning of the year, we highlighted the efficacy of incremental steps and continuous improvement - known as Kaizen - in our inaugural blog post.

We elucidated how, in tandem with our planned expansion, we are harmonizing all operational processes with the Japanese philosophy of work. Following the comprehensive reorganization of our condensate pump packaging line in late January, our logistics department is now undergoing optimization through Kaizen principles.

The entire logistics team actively participated in both assessing the measures and executing them.

The Kaizen committee meticulously planned the measures in multiple phases, ensuring seamless operations even during mechanical and technical adjustments.

The ensuing enhancements include:

  • Establishment of fixed storage locations for incoming and outgoing goods, delineated by yellow floor markings
  • Implementation of more ergonomic and space-efficient workstations
  • Revision of work processes to enhance efficiency
  • Streamlining of work routes to expedite operations
  • Expansion of storage capacity to optimize space utilization

It will take some time for the workforce to fully internalize these new processes.

Nonetheless, we take pride in the strides we've made thus far and eagerly anticipate our continued journey with Kaizen. The logistics team, along with the Head of Supply Chain and our Managing Director, celebrated another milestone with a modest aperitif.

Further optimizations are slated for the entire production department come April.


The purchase of a REFCO RL vacuum pump is an investment for life if regularly inspected.


25. February 2024

Our Kaizen journey continues

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