As a premium supplier of tools and accessories for refrigeration and climate technology, we want to offer our customers the highest level of quality - not only at product level, but also in the service sector. Since our foundation, our global customers have valued the high availability and fast delivery of high quality tools and products. We develop innovative products. In direct dialog with users, we learn about their everyday needs. Based on this knowledge, we develop targeted solutions that generate added value for refrigeration engineers. This market proximity is also pursued by our sales department. We support our partners in the market through continuous knowledge transfer and jointly coordinated marketing activities. As a brand, we cultivate our perception in the market and prove our reputation as a premium supplier with first-class tools and services.

  • Straube Christiane Mitarbeiter Fotos Portraits | © Straube Christiane Mitarbeiter Fotos Portraits
    «Here I have found my dream job. My tasks are versatile and varied. And even though I work in the office, I have a lot of personal contact with our customers.»
  • Schriber Martin Mitarbeiter Fotos Portraits | © Schriber Martin Mitarbeiter Fotos Portraits
    «I appreciate the short decision making processes in an SME in an international environment a lot. I also like my interesting and varied job and the daily exchange with my capable colleagues.»
    Martin Schriber, CFO
  • Adrian Troxler Mitarbeiter Fotos Portraits | © Adrian Troxler Mitarbeiter Fotos Portraits
    «I appreciate it very much to be able to make a significant contribution to bringing new innovative products to the market, thus making the daily work of our customers easier.»
    Adrian Troxler, Electronic Engineer


The CO2-LOCATOR Leak Detector features a sensor which is extremely sensitive to R744 refrigerant.